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The Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC



Charlotte is a great city to call home! It was ranked as having the fourth fastest growing economy in America by Forbes. The U.S News & World Report also ranked it as one of the best places to live in America.

These are perhaps the reasons why more than 42 people are moving to the Queen City each day. Studies also show that by 2050, Charlotte will have added about 1.8 million people and 860,000 jobs.

If you are also planning on moving on moving to Charlotte, here is a list of the best neighborhoods to choose from in no particular order.


What to Include in Your Charlotte Rental Agreement


To minimize issues, a well-crafted landlord-tenant lease agreement is necessary. This is because a lease is a contractual agreement that forms the foundation of the relationship between you and your tenant.

If you are a landlord in Charlotte and are in need of property management expertise contact our company today!

In any case, here’s what you should include in your rental agreement.


Guide to the Eviction Process in North Carolina

The eviction process in North Carolina is a relatively straightforward process. Both landlords and tenants are expected to conform to the Chapter 42 of North Carolina General Statutes.

The statutes lay out the procedures landlords must follow when it comes to evicting a tenant. If you fail to adhere to these laws correctly, you might set yourself up for trouble.

Renters in North Carolina can be evicted for a number of reasons. The most common ones include:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Breaching terms of the lease agreement
  • Refusing to leave the property after the expiry of their lease agreement
  • Engaging in a criminal act such as drug trafficking

If the tenant has committed any of these lease violations, you may legally remove them from the leased premises.

If you are a landlord and unsure of what to do, our team here at Dawson Property Management has compiled a step-by-step guide to the eviction process in North Carolina.



Overview of Landlord-Tenant Laws in North Carolina


General Statutes, Chapter 42, Landlord and Tenant govern landlord-tenant laws in North Carolina (NC). This set of statutes dictate what each party under the lease agreement needs to do.

The rental lease agreement in NC automatically terminates if either party fails to perform their responsibilities. This often has legal and financial repercussions. This, however, can be prevented if both parties understand the basics of the law.

Here’s an overview of the North Carolina landlord-tenant laws.


Everything You Need to Know About Relocating to Charlotte


There are plenty of great reasons to move to and live in Charlotte, NC.


I’m quite sure you have a lot of questions on the subject.

  • Is Charlotte NC a good place to live?
  • What is Charlotte like?
  • Where are some of the best places to live?
  • etc…

There’s so much to know about this beautiful city and one article alone can’t answer it.


We’ll take a shot at it.

Whether you want to be surrounded by performing arts centers and museums, or you want to work with some the largest corporations in the country, the Queen City will definitely give you the royal treatment.


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