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Real Estate Investors: How Much Does Your Property Rent For?


Full Service Charlotte Property Management Company



Whether you are a local real estate investor or from out-of-state, we can help. We take pride in providing comprehensive leasing and rental home solutions throughout Charlotte and its surrounding areas.
We manage individual and multi-family homes in the Charlotte NC area and represent the owner in all matters regarding their property. This includes, but is not limited to, accounting, record-keeping, renting out your home, advertising and addressing other tenant needs.

Our agents take pride in having loyal clients, and we are committed to providing you the highest standards of service. We strive to maintain our reputation as the best property management company in Charlotte and its surrounding areas.

Prospective tenants:

Our business offers you a beautiful, yet affordable single-family home backed by our 24/7 service.
Charlotte, North Carolina


With a portfolio of over 200 doors, we know what it takes to get your property rent ready. Our agents will help you obtain the highest ROI on your property, whether you are a local or out-of-state investor. We offer you a customized full-service management of your rental home, complete with advertising, tenant screening, inspections and more.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our property management services and our rental availabilities in the Charlotte NC area.

Our Realty Services Stand Out From Other Rental Companies

Experienced Residential Property Managers

We’ve accumulated 15 years’ worth of expertise in the local real estate and rental market. We are not just another real estate company doing property management on the side. Instead, we are specialized in the Charlotte NC area and property management is our #1 priority!

Highly Rated Rental Management

We value our reputation. All our clients — both current and former — consider us as one of the top rental agencies in Charlotte, NC. That’s because we have firsthand knowledge of the real estate market in Charlotte and its surrounding areas.

Quality Tenants

We take pride in what we do. We have the tools to search and resources to consistently help you find and retain tenants who take care of your property and pay rent on time.

Maximize Your ROI

Our experience will help you achieve high returns on your investments. Your rental property will benefit from competitive and profitable rental prices, thanks to our knowledge of local real estate market conditions.
We cut down your vacancy rates by bringing in high-quality tenants as soon as possible. More importantly, your tenants will stay for the long haul because they’ll receive the top-notch service they deserve.

What You Can Expect From Your Charlotte Property Manager

Tenant screening

Finding good prospects, while filtering out the bad takes a lot of work. You no longer need to waste time on a search that only brings in low-quality tenants. We help you mitigate this risk through our tenant screening process. Our screening process is designed to reduce the likelihood of an eviction and increase your return on investment. We make sure to screen each applicant thoroughly. We verify their past credit history, employment status, criminal record, and rental history. This ensures we select qualified tenants for your rental property.

Qualified Property Maintenance Services

Our business will make sure that your property is always in good shape via regularly scheduled repairs and maintenance. We guarantee fair prices on these services; thanks to the solid relationships we have established with our contractors over the years.

Lease Preparation

To ensure efficient rentals for your property, we use automated software to prepare tenant leases. Our leases incorporate the latest statute laws on real estate in North Carolina. Also, our lease templates and addenda are checked by qualified real estate attorneys.

Strict Rent Collection Policy

We know that handling rent collection can be challenging. We also understand that timely rent collection is crucial to your Charlotte investment property’s success. That’s why we provide a strict rent collection policy that ensures you receive your rent on time.

Vacant Rental Marketing

We have a robust marketing and leasing process to help you rent out your property quickly. We get your rental in front of as many potential tenants as possible. We advertise your property on our own website, erect yard signs, and list it on places like Craigslist, Zillow, and Trulia to maximize exposure.

Routine Property Inspections

We conduct property inspections on a regular basis. We make sure that your property is in the best condition it can be. We also ensure your tenants’ compliance with all the terms of the lease agreement.

No-Nonsense Eviction Process

We do everything we can to make sure evictions are not a regular occurrence. Our tenant screening process has provided us with an excellent track record at preventing evictions. But we understand that evictions can happen. When they do, we are strict and straight to the point with tenants.
We have an experienced team that guarantees a quick process and the best possible outcome for you. Once the tenant is evicted, we begin marketing your rental to secure a qualified tenant as soon as possible.

Financial Reporting

As a professional Charlotte property management company, we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to keep track of your investment. We use detailed reporting tools to give you access to your rental home’s financial situation. You will have 24/7 access to your financial reports. All you have to do is log on to your owner portal to view statements, and keep tabs on how well your Charlotte investment is performing.

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