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Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is an important step in leasing out your property. A thorough screening process is in the best interest of property owners, managers, and even neighbors. At Dawson Property Management, we take the time to screen every applicant to ensure they’re the right fit for our clients. The screening process allows us to find tenants that are likely to pay rent on time, take care of our properties and make good neighbors.

We also use a pre-qualification system to ensure that we are matching your property to suitable tenants. The pre-qualification system allows us to save time on property showings and work with people who have the highest potential to become good tenants.

We also take the time to discuss the advantages of renting with us as well as the responsibilities that come with it. A detailed discussion of this nature helps clarify our expectations from the tenants as well as gives them the opportunity to highlight any concerns or issues they might have.

Following is our screening criteria:

Tenant’s Ability To Pay Rent

At Dawson Property Management, we are meticulous when it comes to determining a tenant’s ability to pay rent consistently. We employ a three-point screening criteria for this purpose which takes into account the following:

  • Credit History: We check all prospective tenants’ credit history to determine their credit score. The credit score helps us determine if the tenant is a risk or a safe bet and in a position to pay rent on a regular basis.
  • Employment history: We enquire about the potential tenant’s employment history – both current and past – to determine their ability to pay rent.
  • Income verification: We also verify how the tenant plans to pay out rent and verify sources of income including disability pay or social security payments.

Tenant’s Background Check

We screen our tenant’s background in multiple ways including

  • Criminal History Check: We carry out thorough criminal background checks including sex offender background checks. This gives all parties involved the peace of mind that all available precautions have been taken before leasing your property out.
  • Rental History Check: Rental history checks are important because they allow us to assess whether the tenant has a history of delinquency. For this purpose, we require references of current and past landlords.
  • Eviction History Check: Screening clients for eviction history through the court systems are especially important as it gives us important information on whether a tenant is worth the risk. Evictions are legal procedures and wastes precious time and energy as well as costs.

Once we have screened the prospective tenant effectively and approved the application, tenants are required to complete the terms of the lease agreement including:

  • Signing the lease agreement
  • Payment of security deposit equal to one month’s rent
  • Payment of any administrative fees
  • Payment of deposits associated with pets (if applicable)

We encourage all our prospective tenants to read the terms of the lease agreement and discuss any concerns prior to signing the lease agreement. All due process is followed to ensure all parties involved have a pleasant business experience.