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Rental Policies

In order for you to qualify for one or more of our rental properties, you must meet the following criteria.


Your monthly gross income from all sources should be equivalent to at least three (3) times your monthly rent. If you cannot provide proof of income from all sources, you must have a savings account with a balance equivalent to two (2) years of rental payments.

If you are currently retired or unemployed, you are required to provide solid proof of income. If you are a full-time student, you may be able to qualify for the rental property if you can get a cosigner to guarantee your lease.


You must have unbiased and satisfactory rental references to qualify for a rental property. The references should be dated at least two (2) years prior to the date of your application. You are also required to furnish all the necessary contact information to help us get in contact with your previous landlord.

If you have been evicted or sued for any lease violation, we may reject your rental application. Additionally, we will be obligated to deny your application if we find reports suggesting evidence of noncompliance with rental/lease agreements in the past.

If you are a homeowner, we require you to provide us with verification of proper maintenance, proof of ownership, and mortgage payment history.


Your credit history must be fully compliant or satisfactory according to our credit score policy. If your credit history shows any unpaid rent or lease obligations, we reserve the right to reject your rental application.


We reserve the right to obtain your credit report from the appropriate agency to determine your credit worthiness. For your application to be approved, your credit report must show that you have not filed for bankruptcy within the past 18 months, and that all your accounts are current.


Even if you don’t meet one or more of the aforementioned criteria, you may still be able to qualify for the rental property, provided that your cosigner/guarantor passes our application requirements.


Upon approval of their application, applicants must pay their deposit in full. The applicant must pay one full month’s rent on or before the move-in date. Both the first month’s rent and the security deposit must be in the form of a money order or a cashier’s check.


Roommates are qualified on a combined basis and become liable for each other’s obligations to the landlord. If a co-tenant does something that violates the rental agreement, it negatively affects all tenants.


Every application is evaluated as follows.

• You must submit a rental application and answer all questions on the form completely and truthfully. Adults (18 years or older) and/or married couples must provide the required supporting documents, and pay a non-refundable application fee.

• Your employment references, rental references and credit reports will be thoroughly reviewed to confirm that you meet all our criteria.

If you meet our criteria, we will approve your application. Typically, the whole process takes 1-5 days. This, however, depends on the availability of your references. If you do not meet our criteria, we will reject your application.

In instances where we get more than one qualified application, we will prioritize applications on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Providing false information is considered sufficient grounds for rejection. Even if the lease agreement is signed and approved by all affected parties, any misrepresentations later discovered will be considered sufficient grounds for terminating the lease.


We fully comply with the Federal Housing Act, as well as other fair housing laws at both the state and local level. We do not discriminate against any person on the basis of their national origin, familial status, religion, race, handicap, sex or race.


Our properties only become available when they are ready to rent. Before we make our vacant properties available, we ensure they are properly cleaned and prepared for the new tenant.


We restrict the number of tenants who may reside in our rental properties in order to prevent overcrowding and stress on plumbing and other building systems. The Fair Housing Guidelines require us to abide by the Two Adults Per Room Plus One.


If keeping pets is negotiable at the property in question, you will be required to sign a separate Pet Lease Addendum containing our pet-related guidelines.


Should your rental application be approved, you will be required to sign a lease agreement. A rental lease agreement stipulates your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

In addition to the above mentioned requirements, the lease/rent agreement will require you to:

• Restrict any behavior within your household that violates our set rent/lease rules. We define “household” as inclusive of any member of your family, as well as any visitors to your home.

• Notify our management of any repairs and maintenance required on the rental property as soon as possible. You may be held accountable for damages as a result of your failure to report the maintenance problems on time.

• Forbid anyone residing in your home from engaging in any form of criminal activity, such as the illegal use, manufacture, sale and distribution of drugs.

• Notify the management of any guest(s) who will stay in your rental unit for a prolonged period of time.

Should you seriously and repeatedly violate any terms and conditions laid out herein, we reserve the right to terminate your rental/lease agreement.